Rides in our Club

  • Apr 02

    Midtown Winter Weekend Midtown Headquarters - Mpls
    A - Very Strenuous
    None registered
  • Jun 09

    Duluth In A Day Century College - White Bear Lake
    A - Very Strenuous
    6 registered

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Group Ride Philosophy

Randall’s Midtown Cycling Group is dedicated to riding as a group with riders who know, and those who are willing to learn, good group riding skills. We ride hard, sprint up hills and will regroup after hills or sprints. We will ride with generally one rest stop for the day. An attitude of going with the flow as the route changes weekly and sometimes during the ride itself. Distance increases during the summer months to 80-100 miles. Plan your nutrition accordingly like eating breakfast before you ride… no bonking. We do our level best to keep the group together but if you cannot keep pace, you may be cut loose… sorry… Keep coming back and challenging yourself to improve. The rewards are well worth the effort.

Distance, direction, and terrain determined on Fridays when we take into account weather contitions for the weekend. Sundays are generally a shorter route and may be used as a recovery ride from Saturday, but that only depends on who shows up that didn’t ride on Saturday and is determined to pull the group along. Come ride with us and see what this group is all about. We think its just plain fun!!!